Friday, December 3, 2010

Toneelgroep Amsterdam's “Children of the Sun”

Belgian theater and opera director Ivo van Hove—a familiar name to those who get their off-Broadway fix at BAM and New York Theatre Workshop—has been the artistic director of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the Netherlands's largest rep company, for close to a decade, and it shows in his latest self-assured production, “Kinderen van de Zon.” For those of you who don't speak Dutch (and I don't so I had to catch a performance that included English "surtitles" projected a tad too high above centerstage), the title translates to “Children of the Sun,” Maxim Gorki's timeless classic about the intelligentsia's doomed disconnect—and retreat from—the realities of the common man. (Yup, I am now going to review in English a Russian play done in Dutch. Take that, NYC theater critics back home!)

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