Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leading the Way in Non-Traditional Distribution: Jonathan Goodman Levitt’s “Follow the Leader”

Jonathan Goodman Levitt’s “Follow the Leader” may have recently won the Jury Prize in the Feature Film Competition at the 2013 Northside Festival in Brooklyn, but its DIY distinction lies far beyond what’s captured in front of the lens. Over the course of three years, Levitt’s doc trails a trio of high school class presidents (and aspiring U.S. presidents) – all male and all hailing from one of the original 13 Colonies (Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania). Even more remarkable than these teenagers’ evolving attitudes, though, is the director’s distribution game plan, deployed with the targeted precision of a political campaign. “Filmmaker” spoke with Levitt about everything from his outside the box, multi-platform strategy, which includes the live event, “Follow the Leader: Reality Check Interactive,” to choosing the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to stage his world premieres.

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