Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story

The most interesting aspect of “Capitalism: A Love Story,” the latest doc from the once-radical Michael Moore, has nothing to do with the film's subject matter, a sprawling indictment of the economic culture that's led the country to become America, Inc. No, what's fascinating about this unfocused diatribe is that Mr. Moore, the liberal face of Middle America, has finally given up on the American audience.

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Adam Zanzie said...

If I disagree, it's mostly because I found this film to be the most fascinating piece of political cinematic medium since Stone's JFK. Not everything Moore says is valid- it doesn't make sense how he argues that "capitalism should be replaced by democracy" when democracy isn't even an economic system- but Moore makes a great case for his other arguments. I do concur with his overall pro-regulation message.

I found your blog after reading your old review of Charles Burnett's Namibia: The Struggle for Peace (2008), and I must say, the writing here is exceptional. I'll be following this blog more often for sure!