Thursday, March 13, 2008

What In The World

Zhang Ke Jia’s “The World” is a sumptuously shot film that follows two star-crossed lovers navigating their way through the world of globalization that they work and live in – in this case China’s answer to Disneyland’s Epcot – a theme park that features replicas of every country (motto: “See The World Without Leaving Beijing”). With Zhang’s use of long shots and wide angles we’re led through a cold, overwhelming Kubrickian vastness of space, of simulated nations, attached to a warm-blooded humanist story. With the catchy Enya-like soundtrack and futuristic anime sequences wedded to an old-fashioned love story, we virtually become enveloped in “The World.” Everything about this film works (and cries out for continuance. I see an intriguing HBO series. Sheila Nevins, where are you?)

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