Friday, March 7, 2008

B.S.: 10,000 BC

Top 5: Neanderthal Wisdom

The following were taken directly from the press notes for “10,000 BC,” not written by John Cleese (as far as I know).

Harald Kloser (screenwriter/executive producer/composer)

“Roland and I never intended for ’10,000 BC’ to be a documentary.”

Roland Emmerich (director/screenwriter/producer)

“When your subject matter is early man, you have the opportunity to tell very rich heroic stories in which one character has to do the almost impossible.”

Odile Dicks-Mireaux (costume designer)

“There’s not much at all on clothing in the British Museum. The only visual records from around that era are some rock paintings in South Africa. So we took inspiration from the screenplay. We decided to color-code the different tribes: the mammoth hunters have very little color and are more integrated into their landscape. We came up with the idea of shaving springbok fur, which creates a lot of texture.”

Steven Strait (star, D’Leh) (No, this is not a porn star name – I’m serious!)

“During the shooting of the mammoth hunt, there was such an intense sense of freedom in interacting with something that doesn’t exist.”


“Being on top of a mountain in New Zealand with dreadlocks down to your chest makes it a lot easier to pretend you’re a mammoth hunter.”

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