Monday, December 10, 2007

This Is Art!

Like Martin Sheen in “Apocalypse Now,” Tim Roth’s primal, fearless confusion (“I have no idea what the script means but I’m going to throw myself into it anyway!”) mirrors his character’s confusion – with being struck by lighting and shot backwards into life in “Youth Without Youth,” the latest from Francis Ford Coppola (back in fine 70s form after a long eight years). And like in “Apocalypse Now,” those mirrors reflect endlessly into the jungle heart of the film. Coppola’s passion radiates from the screen, every ounce of his being condensed into a two-hour-plus dream. Walter Murch’s elegant sound design, clocks ticking time like sweet nothings in our ear, will most certainly sweep up that Award, as will Tim Roth’s mesmerizing performance (but when isn’t Tim Roth mesmerizing?) Every meticulously painted image pulses with Coppola’s blood. This is why we still go to the movies, to feel the craftsman’s hand, the soul no CGI can create.

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