Saturday, December 8, 2007

One Note Wonder

I find the hype around "Juno" screenwriter Diablo Cody highly insulting to Ms. Cody and to all sex industry workers, as if to say, “Surprise! A dumb stripper can write!” (As if it automatically follows that a “working girl” is – to use a line from Cody’s script – “not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.”) No one ever looks at Arnold Schwarzenegger – a former male hustler – and says, “Hey, a dumb bimbo can become governor!” The clear-eyed truth is that the sex industry is filled with sharp, cultured, artistic men and women – far too intelligent to buy into the nine-to-five, white picket fence myth. Cody as a stripper-turned-writer should be judged as if she were any other performer-turned-writer, no less and no better.

On that note, visit my review of "Juno" at The House Next Door:

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