Monday, January 11, 2016

A Chat With Vice Media Canada CEO Michael Kronish

While RIDM, Montreal’s contribution to the fall doc fest tsunami, might not be as big and well known as many of its November competitors, it does have one thing the others mostly lack: a homegrown tech talent pool to tap into. And tap into this pool RIDM did during its most recent edition. In addition to showcasing the numerous mind-blowing VR projects being shepherded by the risk-taking NFB, RIDM featured none other than homeboy Michael Kronish as the speaker at the festival’s Vice/Versa Opening Breakfast. Kronish may not be a household (or even film world) name, but the former executive producer at Montreal-based production-company Zone3 now heads up Vice Media Canada’s $100 million web and mobile content studio. In other words, he’s the guy to go to if one wants the scoop on what’s happening globally as well as up north, both online and off. I was fortunate enough to chat briefly with the busy CEO post-fest.

To read my interview visit Hammer to Nail.

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