Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bright Ideas

CosyMo’s Solar Cinema, a solar-powered, mobile movie theater that brings socially engaged art films to underserved communities, is the brainchild of Dutch filmmaker Maureen Prins, who, ironically, is based in Tilburg, Holland’s rainy southern city. Now in its seventh year, Prins’s sustainable cinema has traversed both Europe and Latin America, with the activist artist hoping to “conquer the world and create an international network of Ecocinemas that distribute and show films everywhere.” To that end, Prins has been screening films throughout Europe since 2010, partnering with such organizations as France’s Cine sin Fronteras, Croatia’s Pula Film Festival, Malta’s Cinemastik, Slovenia’s Marindol Children’s Holiday camp and The Netherlands’ own Latin American Film Festival. (Not to mention working with similar entities in Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Belgium.) And last year saw the creation of Ecocinemas on the other side of the Atlantic in Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile, with more Latin American countries to come.

To read the rest visit the Fall 2013 issue of Filmmaker magazine.

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