Friday, April 5, 2013

In Gratitude

It’s quite fitting that legendary film critic Roger Ebert died only days after Easter. For those of us who found religion at the movies Roger was our Jesus figure – spreading the gospel of Cinema, a man both generous and accessible, populist where Kael and her cinephilic kin were lofty and unreachable. I know I’m not alone in his having touched my world in a real personal way. How many Pulitzer Prize-winning writers would pause to truly engage with their acolytes as Roger did time and time again? Here’s just one of thousands of examples of email correspondence he had with those of us who hope to carry on his tradition, to radiate the "incredible delight" of life through the metaphor of the moving image.

On Dec 8, 2007 10:29 AM, Lauren Wissot> wrote:

Mr. Ebert,
I so adore your writing so I was a bit disappointed you didn't see what I saw (at The House Next Door):

Always looking forward to your next piece of wisdom.


--- Roger Ebert <> wrote:

He is a good critic but wants a diferent movie. I admire this one for being what it is. If everyone else was more dialed down than Juno, she wouldn't work.


On Dec 10, 2007 4:10 PM, Lauren Wissot wrote:
Thank you for reading (and I'm a "she" - that was my review, not Matt's). I'll watch it again, try to view it through your eyes.

--- Roger Ebert <> wrote:

My sincere apologies!

The House is a superb site, often visited by moi.

Movies often reflect the notes of their leads. If the lead is doleful, so are the supporting characters :). I think my review was still echoing the incredible delight of the audiences I've seen the movie with.


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