Monday, July 27, 2009

Flame & Citron

The midsummer release of “Flame & Citron,” Danish director Ole Christian Madsen's edge-of-your-seat, based-on-actual-events thriller, which follows the titular code-named heroes as they wage battle with the hidden forces of Nazi evil during the German occupation of Denmark in 1944, makes perfect sense. While a film about the Resistance would seem more suited to the end-of-year, SS-centric season, Madsen's ingenious piece of Academy catnip has more in common with Michael Mann's “Public Enemies” than it does with last winter's atrocious Daniel Craig-fights-Nazis vehicle “Defiance” (never mind that our hero Citron is played by Bond villain Le Chiffre himself Mads Mikkelsen). Madsen's tour de force is a gangster flick through and through.

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