Monday, October 20, 2008

The Soviet Story

“The Soviet Story” is an ambitious journey from "The Extermination of Ukrainians 32/33" (the words announced in bold, graphic-novel style—as are all the other "chapters" in the documentary) through "Preparing the New World Order" to "Soviet-SS Collaboration," shedding light on the "real" Soviet ideology that Eastern Europe would rather sweep under the rug. Which probably accounts for the effigy of director Edvins Snore being burnt outside the Latvian embassy in Moscow by Young Russia thugs—who never bothered to see the film—upon its premiere.

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Anonymous said...

Edvīns Šņore was burnt, but dummy of him. He spent 10 years to get the information.

Many countries now shows it. In Russia Its banned. In Baltics its already studying must-to-see movie.

Shame on you. Prepear your posts better next time. ;)

**and the Movie is for free. Director wants it to be seen, what Russia and USSR are. he doesnt need to be famous or rich, as Hollywood**

Lauren Wissot said...

Ah, only so much room at Slant. (Trust me, my original review was four times as long!;)