Sunday, July 27, 2008

Strange Duality: A Conversation with Philippe Petit and James Marsh

“I wish I’d known you were going to interview him—I’d love to learn if he’s still in touch with my friend Barbara Remington who had the albino skunk.” This was my original downtown bohemian pal Rose’s reaction when she found out I’d just spent twenty minutes at the offices of Magnolia Pictures doing a beat-the-clock interview with Philippe Petit, the only person to ever dance across a high-wire between the Twin Towers, and filmmaker James Marsh, who profiled the legendary Frenchman and his “artistic crime of the century” in his appropriately uplifting documentary “Man On Wire.” Though we discussed everything from spirituality to positive con artistry to “A Clockwork Orange,” the subject of living in Chelsea with an albino skunk never came up. (Sorry, Rose.) Here’s what did…

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Also, The House links my…emails?
The strange conversation continues at number one.

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