Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pathological Lovers

How crazy is the Dan Klores doc "Crazy Love"? Yes, Burt Pugach, the lawyer who hired thugs to throw lye in the face of his former mistress, is one seriously fucked up dude. And his mistress turned wife Linda, who took the man who mutilated her as her lawfully wedded husband, can also be described as having some, uh, “issues.” Most fascinating, though, is not all the media psycho-babble surrounding their limelight loving personalities, but the universal truth uncovered by Linda in her recounting of the first time Burt saw her in her clear glasses, felon face to disfigured visage. Burt behaved as if he didn’t see the scarring – in fact, it was he himself who was blinded by love. And isn’t that the essence of every love story, finding that special someone who sees right through the scars to your soul? Human nature in extremis only serves to shine a flashlight onto that which makes us truly human.

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